How much will my sessions cost?


How much will my sessions cost?

How much will my sessions cost?

If you are privately funding, there is a concession rate of:

The initial assessment session of 70 minutes will be £105.

After this the 50 minute sessions will cost £70.


If sessions are funded by Private Medical Insurance the session costs are:

The initial assessment session of 70 minutes will be £125.

After this the 50 minute sessions wil cost £95.


Please note that not all funders will meet this rate and will recommend using one of their more generalised therapists.

All medical reports and letters are individually priced and are bespoke in nature.  Please get in touch for further information.

Home visits and hospital visits will be bespoke.

Will you come to hospital to help me?

Pam has visited multiple clients in hospital to help their medical team diagnose and manage acute treatment where CFS/M.E might be suspected.  Pam will also go into hospitals for sessions to visit people when their mental health is suffering associated with their...

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Will I get a diagnosis?

Pam prefers to stay away from more general diagnostic labels unless it is important to a particular person to have one.  Pam finds it helpful to point out commonalities to particular diagnosable disorders however she sees symptoms and issues as very specific to an...

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Will I have to fill out multiple forms?

Pam sometimes uses measurement tools associated with different general health issues, but not always.  Pam will use them if they aid the measurement and monitoring of a persons symptoms or issues or help with diagnostics, however Pam finds them a bit too generic at...

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Will I need to sign a therapy contract?

Pam will always provide a therapy contract either verbally or in writing.  This contract will outline important aspects of the therapy relationship such as confidentiality and cancellation policy, so you always know where you are.

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Will my sessions be confidential?

Your sessions will be completely confidential as we as therapists are bound to similar confidentiality rights as GPs.  We completely understand that what we discuss in the therapy room can be very distressing and completely and utterly private. We do everything to...

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How do I pay?

If you are having sessions via Skype it is done by BACS transfer 24 hours before session.  If you are coming to clinic in Cyncoed then all payment methods are accepted on the day.  All insurance covered sessions need to have a sign off number before sessions begin.

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How many sessions will I need?

It is very difficult to predict this for each person until we are in session as it depends upon multiple factors including a person’s specific therapy goals, how they get on with in-between session work, and how a person’s symptoms are responding to treatment.  This...

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What happens in a session?

Your first session will be an initial assessment session and here we will have 70 minutes to discuss the current difficulties you are experiencing and to discuss your therapeutic needs.  We will set therapeutic goals, and this will enable me to come up with a bespoke...

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